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2018 - The Year of Dog


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This is a stable year for the pigs. Progress is satisfactory, and you will be supported and assisted by others when it comes to problems, especially if you were born in 1959. You'll make the most of your luck if you maintain good relationships with family, friends and colleagues. Male Pigs will also do well in business - but only if they don't get overly worked up or anxious over difficulties that may develop. Female Pigs have harmonious family lives - but make sure you take of the seniors in your family. Born in 1983? Your studies will go well - You may even achieve ideal academic results.
Noble and chivalrous. Your friends will be lifelong, yet you are prone to marital strife.
If you find it hard to struggle through business on your own, consider joint endeavors, which should yield prosperous results. For those born in 1959, there will be particularly good progress at work. However, you must persevere and stay focused on the task in order to succeed.
Moving to a new home or doing renovations to your house isn't a good idea for Pigs this year. However there will be a better income than last year. Don't indulge in high risk speculation though. For Pigs born in 1971, fortune is neither good nor bad. There are plenty of obstacles, but if you wait for the right moment, success will be yours.
For those born in 1947, you will suffer from headaches and insomnia. Male Pigs love a good party, but this year Pigs in general should drink alcohol only moderately, or your health condition may worsen.
If you're single, you'll have a complicated love life this year - or an exciting one, depending on your point of view! Beware of a third party in your love life, especially for Pigs born in 1971. Those born in 1935 should make it a point to take care of your family. If you were born in 1935, you may feel a bit cross this year - but it will help to see things from young people's point of view.
Compatible in love
Tiger, Rabbit, Goat
Not compatible in love
Compatible in business